Dallas, Texas (Stoa Academy)



Dallas, Texas

Ethos is coming to Dallas during Stoa Academy June 29 & 30! Here’s what you need to know:


The Deets

Where is it?

Firelife Church, 3033 W Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75063

.2 miles and 1 minute from Irving Bible Church, the location of Stoa Academy!

When is it?

June 29 & 30, 8-5 each day. If you purchased tickets for Stoa Academy as well, we’ll be at the Stoa Academy evening social Thursday, June 28. Visit this page for more details.

How much is it?

$199 per student.

What formats will you be coaching?

Stoa LD, TP, and Parli.

What experience level is this camp intended for?

Everyone! We’ll have at least three world-class coaches there, so we’ll be able to split up novices, intermediate, and advanced. Even if you’ve never done a debate round before, you should come. If you won nationals last year, you should still come! Everyone has more to learn.

What league will you be coaching?

We’ll be coaching debate. Regardless of what league you compete in, this camp will work for you. However, since our audience is mostly from Stoa at this camp, we’ll be using cases and examples from the Stoa resolutions as well as having some breakout sessions to discuss the new resolutions. If enough people are interested, we’ll have breakout sessions for other resolutions!

How old do I have to be before I can attend?

We recommend attendees be above the age of thirteen. See this video for an explanation of why. However, this is more of a guideline than a rule. Email us at ethosdebatecommunications@gmail.com if you’re interested in an exception.

Are there any discounts or scholarships?

There’s a family discount that takes 20% off of your order. It’s only applicable for families purchasing multiple tickets together. Upon checkout, when asked for a discount code, use the code Family2018.

 Partial and occasionally full scholarships are available for those in true need. Please contact us at ethosdebatecommunications@gmail.com  explaining your needs.

Will you be providing meals?

Lunch is BYOB. Students should pack a lunch, order Chinese food, or go to lunch with a parent or other responsible guardian. Since we’re only 1 minute from the Stoa Academy venue, feel free to come eat lunch with your student!

Your Coaches:

Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Head Coach

Emily Rose is a veteran coach, rhetoric expert, honors college student, and debater of eight years.

While studying communications with a minor in political science and philosophy, she travels the country as an Ethos coach and for pleasure. As a coach, she combines classical rhetoric, philosophy, and emphasis on real-world application. She spent many of her debate years trying to fit into an arbitrary “advanced debater” persona. Ironically, she now utilizes her coaching career to undo senseless, abstract communication.

She coaches debate not as an advanced theory class. She coaches debate as real-life thinking and wisdom.



Joel Erickson

Joel Erickson

Assistant Coach

Chris Ostertag

Chris Ostertag

Assistant coach


Register at this link: http://events.eventzilla.net/e/dallas-texas-stoa-academy-2138959775