From Intermediate to Advanced

Isaiah on Winning Outrounds

Learn from Isaiah McPeak how to improve your outround performance.

Lindsay See on Rebuttals

Rebuttals have two basic points: 1. Why you’re winning the arguments you’re winning, and 2. Why those ones are the most important.

Three Common TP Questions

Isaiah answers 3 top questions Team Policy debaters have.

Pugh/Bozarth vs. Kintzing/Kintzing

Flow this round write down 3 things you should improve in your presentation style as a result.

Lessons learned from XL 2.0

A second-year team went from never advancing to qualifying to NITOC. A second-year LD student qualified to NCFCA Nationals and received second at a National Open. A third-year debater consistently placed first at their tournament. A novice LD debater became second in...

Fail Well

As I write this, I’m jam-packed in between all 6 of my siblings, way too many pillows, never enough snacks, and stacks of suit bags in our family’s van as we head to NITOC. The national tournament for Stoa begins Monday, NCFCA kicks off in 18 days, and NSDA kicks off...

I Am Disappointed

ERRATA: This post referred to "this year's national champions" at one point in a way that could've meant any of several teams and people. At least one national championship team this year specifically adopted a strategy like is recommended here. The sentence has been...