2019-2020 Ethos Sourcebook

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The Ethos Debate Sourcebook is back again! Our briefs are held to a standard of excellence in the sources our authors use, our balanced collection of affirmative, negative, and generic briefs will give you solid content you can use in perpetuity, and our competitive pricing makes the Ethos Sourcebook a no-brainer to add to your debate file-box this season!



Our TP sourcebooks collectively contain over 500 pages of evidence (about 250 pages for both NCFCA and Stoa) from experts that you can feel comfortable citing in any debate round. Not only do we have some of the best quality of evidence, our sourcebook also gives you more than just the standard mix of affirmative and negative briefs that most sourcebooks offer. Borrowing from the previous COG sourcebook which emphasized solid generic briefs, we have included six specially selected generic briefs in each league’s sourcebook. These generics have been written so as to provide debaters with arguments against multiple prospective affirmative cases. This doubles the utility you can get out of our sourcebook and ensures that you’ll be able to use the evidence you get all throughout the season.

Our team of researchers includes alumni competing at the collegiate level and debaters from a multiplicity of high school leagues (NCFCA, Stoa, and NSDA), many of whom have competed at a national level and taken top awards. We are confident you will find what they put together useful throughout the debate season.

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