2018-2019 Ethos Sourcebook


Ethos Debate Sourcebook is back again! We continue to bring you the best of both worlds: the quality of Ethos with the efficiency of COG generics. When you purchase Ethos, you’ll receive the regular season sourcebook AS WELL as a discount on our season coaching package!

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TP sourcebooks contain over  300 pages of evidence, and LD, about 75-100 pages of examples, analysis, and argumentation. We beat the competition by having only the best evidence, and our TP briefs range from 15-35 pages. We include 1AC’s, 2AC backups, and Negs.

Ethos put a heavy emphasis on Affirmatives this year, so you’ll find a few extra in each sourcebook. Ethos adheres to only the highest formatting CITE standards, and all our sources have been edited and vetted for credibility.

Remember, when you buy the sourcebook, you receive a discount on Ethos coaching! With your purchase, we will extend a coupon for our season coaching package that gives you the entire first session for free. Ethos works off of a normal hourly coaching rate, but if you buy coaching packages, we discount that hourly rate to make extended coaching more affordable. Adding a full free session means the student saves around $175 for Gold coaching and $120 for Silver. Just shoot us a email at contact@ethosdebate.com to claim your discount and schedule your first coaching session.

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