Persuasion, Communication and Debate. 

We exist to build people up as mature and powerful communicators. Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos combines natural persuasion habits and methods, statistical data on communication techniques, and modern psychology. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric. We also teach collegiate and high school debate. 

2020 Summer Camps

We hope to get back to booking dynamic debate & speech camps in your area very soon. Email us for inquiries. 

NEW Logic & Rhetoric Class

Debate like one of the greats. Learn how to revolutionize your skillset using ancient tactics.

Professional Readiness Class

High school doesn’t last forever. What’s next? Prepare to slay the corporate + academic world.

Research 101 Class

Learn how to master Google scholar, find only the best sources, and wade through the massive amounts of data on any subject.

Our Manifesto

A guide to WHY you should think about debate and communication the way we do!

Latest posts

Purist vs. Hybrid Judging, Part 2: Comparing the Approaches

In the previous article in this series, I broadly described hybrid and purist judging approaches, but I didn’t dive into comparing the approaches’ pros and cons. Thus, I will devote this article to outlining some of the main arguments I see for and against each...

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What kind of debater are you? The Debater Persona Quiz V1.5

A few years ago, Anna Johansen created a debater persona quiz: from bulldozers to best friends, from scholars to survivors, it could magically characterize your debating persona while also pointing out probable strengths and areas for improvements. Unfortunately, the...

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Beyond the Briefs

We are in the brief season, and I absolutely love briefs. I don’t just like using them, I also (usually) like writing them; I like critiquing them; I like theorizing about what makes good brief structure and content; etc. At a broader level, I typically prefer debates...

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Purist vs. Hybrid Judging, Part 1: Introducing the Approaches

Yes, I absolutely used to sneer at community judging—as well as anything else that I didn’t see as very flow-heavy and “objective.” Thus, in high school I resolved that when I returned to judge policy debate I would be a righteous and noble flow monk, steadfast in...

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Tis The Season… TP Sourcebooks Are Coming!

As a young debater, the end of the summer was always like Christmas: sourcebooks were coming! (It was a very nerdy Christmas, but still…) Finding out what briefs were being published in each sourcebook was something I eagerly looked forward to. This year I’ve had the...

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NSDA Sourcebooks Coming Soon!

Ethos previously put out a free, 100+ page sourcebook on the 2019 NSDA March PF Topic to let you know what we're like. I'm happy to announce that we will begin regularly publishing LD and PF Sourcebooks starting with our Sept/Oct release coming later this month. We've...

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Why You Should Be Friends With Your Rivals

Endless searching and continuing education are a part of any good debater’s appetite. Learning new things,   for data is a really healthy mental diet to exercise. One way to do this is through podcasts. Podcasts are unique because you can Listen - and do other things!...

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Debate in College

College Debate is in many ways, like other college sports. The competition is intense, the rivals are merciless, the preparation for big tournaments is blistering. Many colleges offer scholarships for various forms of debate! This list is not comprehensive, and really...

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2019 Summer Camps: LIVE

The wait is over! The first 2019 Ethos Summer Camps are now open for registration. Stay tuned as we add a few more surprise locations over the next week. This summer, Ethos is focusing on large, quality camps instead of multiple smaller events. We're talking lots of...

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Speed Tip Series: Making Speeches Speakable

Simpler is better. I don’t know why it took me five years to figure this out. After all, our nation was basically founded on the imperative “Never use two words when one will do.” Right? So why did I, an accomplished speaker, still stumble over phrases in my 1AC or...

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Question and Answer With a College Debater

Last year, Ethos brought on Jadon Buzzard as a coach and sourcebook writer. From the beginning, Jadon showed a real knack for grasping Ethos’ core mission and teaching it to his students. Today - we sit down with Jadon and talk about his debate career, and...

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Four Years Later: Lessons From Debate, Part 1

I’ve been out of the debate scene for a while. After my last tournament in 2015 and the small amount of writing/coaching I did subsequently, the sport was relegated to the same spot as a lot of things I did in high school – important in the sense of my own personal...

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