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We exist to build people up as mature and powerful communicators. Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos combines natural persuasion habits and methods, statistical data on communication techniques, and modern psychology. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric. We also teach collegiate and high school debate. 

2020 Summer Camps

We hope to get back to booking dynamic debate & speech camps in your area very soon. Email us for inquiries. 

NEW Logic & Rhetoric Class

Debate like one of the greats. Learn how to revolutionize your skillset using ancient tactics.

Professional Readiness Class

High school doesn’t last forever. What’s next? Prepare to slay the corporate + academic world.

Research 101 Class

Learn how to master Google scholar, find only the best sources, and wade through the massive amounts of data on any subject.

Our Manifesto

A guide to WHY you should think about debate and communication the way we do!

Latest posts

Launching NEW Ethos Five-Week Courses

Tired of being stuck at home? So are we. Beat the boredom by joining us for one (or several) of our all-new discounted five-week courses. Click on an image below to read more about each class and register. Classes start in two weeks on April 14, so don't wait!

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Figures of Speech: A Handout

Recently, Thaddeus Tague dug up an old document that Ethos has used for coaching: a figures of speech handout. “Figure of speech” broadly refers to deliberate patterns or abnormalities in language with a goal of producing some effect in the audience; it includes...

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Engage Contrast

When you are trying to teach or argue for something—whether in a debate, speech, lecture, or blog article—you should present the points as uncontroversial, perhaps even intuitive (so long as you aren’t being misleading); after all, you want the audience to believe...

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Civil Discussion Topics for Thanksgiving

‘Tis the season for turkey, family, and all the conversations that come from families getting together to eat turkey. At least for me Thanksgiving tends to be a fun holiday and I enjoy visiting with family, but I also have seen how discussions can sometimes get a bit...

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Free Briefs and Ethos TP Sourcebook!

Ethos debate is excited to announce that this Saturday it will be releasing both its Stoa and NCFCA TP sourcebooks. We have 18 quality briefs in each sourcebook, that are ready for debaters to use. In order for you to see the quality of the sourcebook, we are...

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Tips for Writing General Briefs

In my previous article, I talked about the benefits of writing general briefs and suggested that taking the time to explore the resolution and brief general ideas can be remarkably beneficial. So, perhaps you’ve decided to write a general brief. Great! But what comes...

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It’s Time For a Change… In Team Policy Speaking Times

My old high school partner and I would often live or die with the block—specifically, the negative block in team policy—when we were affirmative: if the negative delivered most of their strongest arguments in the 2NC speech (as opposed to in the 1NC), then we were in...

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20 Practice Parli Motions/Resolutions

We have previously published some articles that have various parliamentary debate resolutions (or “motions,” depending on your league) that we think can be helpful/fun for practice. This article will be an extension of that series, with 20 additional...

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The Benefits of General Briefs

We’ve all been there before: It’s the start of a fresh season of speech and debate, you’ve begun building your affirmative case, and you’re itching to begin prepping negative briefs against your biggest opponents. The only problem is, you don’t know what they’re...

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Drawbacks of Punishment (Parli Matter Loading)

In the previous article on this topic of punishment, I covered some of the purposes/benefits of punishment; this article will discuss the opposite issue: drawbacks. Introduction (and topic applicability, briefly repeated):  As noted in more detail previously,...

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Parli Matter Loading: Purposes of Punishment

Matter Loading? In my college debate club/team we occasionally have “Matter loading” (or “matterloading”) sessions for British Parliamentary debate (BP). In these sessions we talk about a variety of topics that we expect to encounter or use in debate rounds. For...

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Wanted: Blog Authors

Have you ever wanted to share your views on aspects of speech and debate with an audience? To tell others about a drill you found really effective for practicing? To help debaters overall take their debating to the next level? Personally, I loved sharing my thoughts...

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