Persuasion, Communication and Debate. 

We exist to build people up as mature and powerful communicators. Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos combines natural persuasion habits and methods, statistical data on communication techniques, and modern psychology. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric. We also teach collegiate and high school debate. 

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When Your Life Is A Catchphrase

“Everybody here? Great. Anna, would you pray for us before we get started?” “Oh. Me? Oh. Yeah, sure! Um. Okay.” You know that moment when you’re handed something completely unexpected? When you’re strolling along a sunny lane and then a giant iguana shows up out of...

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Speed Tip Series: Evidence and Examples

For TPers in the throes of tournament season, evidence can seem like the be-all, end-all. They desperately scrounge for cards and trade for briefs, then head off to a round, gripping those pages like they’re Ben Gates making off with the Declaration of Independence....

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Midseason Blues

Here in the frigid wastelands of Chicago, spring can seem a long way off. Debaters everywhere know how that feels: we often hit plateaus where we lack motivation or feel like we'll never reach that next level. If you're looking for some midseason encouragement, you've...

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Adding Cross Ex To Your Briefs: The How And Why

Recently, we’ve written some articles that focus on cross examination. Those articles describe a few approaches to CX questioning, but now there’s another question to be answered: (how) do you put CX questions in briefs? As simple as this may seem, from experience I...

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Ethos 2019 Mid-season for Stoa and NCFCA TP

We have your tournament-ready briefs here for both the Stoa and NCFCA TP. Buy them here. NCFCA: NEG – Place Pakistan on the State Sponsor ListNEG – Place Qatar on the State Sponsor ListNEG – Place Russia on the State Sponsor ListNEG – Reinstate Enhanced Interrogation...

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Next-Level Cross Examination, Part 3

Part 1 covered fact-finding questions, while Part 2 looked at Catch-22s. Now, we get to Part 3: Storytelling. Storytelling If fact-finding is the grammar of cross-examination, and...

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Patterns, Not Problems

No matter how you’re involved in the speech/debate scene, at some point you’ll probably be asked to give feedback to help other people improve. This post aims to make that feedback better. “Fix patterns, not problems.” - Tracy Wilk, former Google executive, quoting...

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NSDA March PF – HUGE Free Housing Brief Coming!

In August 2019, Ethos will begin publishing and selling high-quality briefs on the NSDA Public Forum (PF) and Lincoln-Douglas (LD) topics. We've recruited some outstanding researchers and are looking forward to what we can bring you! What Makes Ethos Different? We...

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Next-Level Cross Examination, Part 2

Don't forget to check out Part 1 first! Catch-22 This type of questioning is more difficult because it is more complex. It involves a string of questions proceeding in a logical fashion to show an inconsistency or contradiction in the opposing team’s arguments. The...

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Next-Level Cross Examination, Part 1

This post is the first in a series on cross-examination. Part 2 will cover "Catch 22" questions and Part 3 will explore the "Storytelling" strategy. Stay tuned! One way great debaters set themselves apart is in their use of cross-examination time. In this post, I’ll...

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Oyez, Oyez, Oyez: The Ethos Mid-Season Sourcebook

We have exciting news, everyone… Ethos is publishing mid-season sourcebooks for both NCFCA and Stoa TP! They will be almost exclusively negative briefs on the cases being run in the leagues. There will be around 10 or more negs per sourcebook that you can immediately...

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Debate: My Super Secret Superpower

I stepped on my own cord, lunged to catch the recorder, and almost smacked myself in the face with my mic. I am the epitome of professionalism and grace, I lied to myself calmly. I am a radio journalist. Sweat trickled down my back. My headphones started to sag again,...

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